Spark + Buzz Communication’s Founder Courtney Malengo wrote a guest column for Strategic Magazine’s Autumn edition about the noble quest for truth in all forms of communication and in all sectors. Recognizing September is Ethics Month, the article is a timely reminder of the expectations of all communications professionals.

Here is a brief excerpt.

“Truthfulness and transparency do not mean you tell everyone everything. A good leader and a good communicator must manage knowing when to divulge certain details and when to share, for the greater benefit. From a company’s perspective, I also recognize earnestly wanting to minimize drama, gossip and disruption. These two scenarios, no matter how difficult, do not have to be mutually exclusive. The most ideal scenario is absolute transparency with the communications/PR counsel, letting that individual discern the most fair and accurate way to represent that story for both parties.”

Read the full guest column here on pages 16-17.

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