Canvas Rebel recently interviewed Spark + Buzz Communications’ Founder Courtney Malengo to talk about all things branding and her own entrepreneurial journey. From understanding what defines a brand to designing bespoke brand experiences, Courtney shares what she has learned over her 20+ year career helping brands and organizations grow and share their story.

I’ve always believed that the little things matter and details are important, and ultimately those details, when handled well, are a major part of cultivating a memorable experience. From my perspective, branding isn’t your logo or tagline, rather those are part of your visual brand identity. Branding is the culmination of touchpoints that every individual has with your organization (client, vendor, customer, employee, volunteer, etc.). Think about that for a second–every interaction. That means every meeting, appointment, sale, phone call, correspondence, social media interaction, website experience and more, equate to what defines your brand.

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Spark + Buzz is a woman-owned strategic communications consultancy that helps brands tell their story to inspire audiences and galvanize growth. Learn more about our branding, marketing and public relations solutions here