The Spark Collective

The Spark Collective is a faith-based social community encouraging female founders in their entrepreneurial journeys, founded by Spark + Buzz’s Courtney Malengo. In 2020, during the peak of the pandemic, she realized that working from home while tag-teaming a toddler was going to get old quickly if she didn’t have the right outlets. After trying a variety of networking and social groups, she realized she was looking for something else. Courtney wanted a place where women actually support and empower one another, sans drama and competition. For her, the trifecta that she focused on was faith-led, female founders in her backyard. She found lots of women’s groups and lots of faith groups, but none that intermingled faith and business in a social setting. Courtney did what any type-A personality would do–she started her own group, and thus, The Spark Collective was born!

In-person gatherings formally occur six times a year in Montgomery County, Maryland. If you are interested in learning more about The Spark Collective or leading a chapter of The Spark Collective in another location, submit the contact form below for more information.

The Spark Summit: Grow + Glow

Grow connections and collaborations with other faith-led female founders
on May 4, 2023 in Gaithersburg, Md.

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