Why Choose Us?

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Bigger Isn’t Better

Sometimes the assumption is that bigger is better, or that agencies with countless employees have the best expertise and can guarantee your success. While we don’t have anything against agencies, the reality is often far different than that depiction. Our Founder worked with numerous agencies throughout her professional career and was constantly frustrated at the cookie-cutter approach they took, or how little they seemed to understand the organization and its voice. It is why she created her own in-house communication teams at the companies she worked for (complete with designers, videographers, writers, digital strategists and more) and one of the reasons she started Spark + Buzz Communications.

Spark + Buzz is based on a consultancy model that leverages trusted collaborators for various projects, including graphic designers, videographers, photographers, digital strategists, web designers, SEO experts and more. These are talented individuals with whom we’ve developed long-running creative relationships over the course of countless projects and years.

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So Why Pick Spark + Buzz?

We believe there are more than a few great reasons to give us a chance:


    • Your contact is our Founder Courtney Malengo, which means you always have access to a seasoned communicator who is both strategic and creative, and adept at operating between big picture and tactical execution. Agencies notoriously send in the big guns for the pitch, but the day-to-day account work is almost always relegated to entry-level or junior employees. And spoiler alert, in most agencies, the staff who work on your account aren’t chosen for their expertise, they are often selected based upon availability.
    • We are plucky and nimble, designed purposefully to scale up or down as a client needs, leveraging our trusted and hand-picked collaborators on-demand. It also allows us to tap into a bigger talent pool on your behalf and pair the best person with the best skills for your job, at any moment in time.
    • No cookie-cutter approaches here, or one-size-fits-all jargon-laden packages. Every project, big or small, is uniquely crafted with your goals and budget in mind.
    • We’ll always give you an honest answer, even if you may not want to hear it. If Spark + Buzz isn’t a good fit, we’ll tell you. And, if you don’t need to spend money in a certain area, we’ll tell you that too. Our goal is to streamline the process and focus on the must-haves, along with deploying creative strategies and tactics that move the needle.