Prepare for when a crisis knocks on your door with a strategic crisis communications plan and actionable training steps.

Founder Courtney Malengo’s guest column, When Crisis Calls, was recently featured in the Winter edition of Strategic.

“It is not a matter of if, but when, a crisis calls. Every organization will face this at one point or another, and how you respond will either bolster your credibility or undermine all you have worked so hard to achieve. Ideally, you have years of positive reputation building and community goodwill under your belt, to help keep the organization afloat in tough times.”

— Courtney Malengo, Founder, Spark + Buzz Communications

The pandemic has strained every organization and the risk of constantly fighting fires means there isn’t adequate time spent on strategic planning or preparing for a crisis. It is far better to prepare than to simply react. A proactive, strategic communications strategy is crucial during times of crisis and imperative for long-term organizational success.

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