Based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, within the D.C.-metro area, we work with clients from our backyard and beyond. While Spark + Buzz has specialized experience working with nonprofits, senior living, healthcare, real estate, entrepreneurs, and faith-based organizations, we don’t believe that excludes us from working with clients in other industries. So, if you aren’t in that list, contact us anyway.

Why? Sometimes an outside perspective is what makes the difference. Sure, expertise is valuable, but more than anything, we see ourselves as critical thinkers that are experts in branding, marketing, and public relations. The skillsets we apply are the same for every industry, the difference is what strategies and tactics we pursue based upon your industry, business goals and target audiences. Our founder, Courtney Malengo, spent her entire professional career being an outsider, bringing new perspectives and frequently asking why. Every job she held prior to Spark + Buzz, she started without industry expertise. Not only is that a testament to her pluck and perseverance, but her ability to translate complex subjects into terms everyone understands. Her background as a journalist makes her innately curious, a trait that benefits Spark + Buzz’s clients.