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Spark + Buzz Communications is a woman-owned, strategic communications consultancy that helps brands tell their story to inspire audiences and galvanize growth. Founder Courtney Malengo launched Spark + Buzz in 2019 out of a desire to create a storytelling consultancy and spend more time with her then-infant son. Our belief is that sincere and unique storytelling that is woven both internally and externally is the key to true marketplace differentiation and building a cohesive brand experience. We believe proactive and strategic communication solutions can lay the foundation for business prosperity and harmony, while building brands from the inside out.

No one is perfect at communicating, but that’s where Spark + Buzz can help refine and amplify your voice. At its best, creative and strategic communication transforms brands, engages your employees, and sparks buzz amongst your customers. At its worst, poor communication chips away at your organizational reputation, quality, employee engagement, customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Spark + Buzz provides creative and integrated solutions through branding, marketing and public relations services. Whether you need reputation management and crisis communications counsel or want a brand refresh and a strategic marketing plan, Spark + Buzz can help you tell your story in a way that is sincere, memorable and a market differentiator.

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Our Philosophy

Story Equals Strategy

You’ll hear us say that story equals strategy, frequently. That’s because Spark + Buzz believes every individual and every business has a special story. We are passionate about helping you discover and tell that unique story because it can serve as the ultimate marketplace differentiator. That doesn’t mean you don’t need organizational strategy and goals, but it does mean that you can use your story to anchor all of your other marketing and communication efforts.

Skeptical? According to the Digital Marketing Institute, the power of a great story increases your company or product’s value by more than 20 times. When countless competitors do the same thing, say the same thing, and offer the same thing, you are no longer unique or different. If you learn how to tell your story well, that becomes the anchor to create a consistent and cohesive brand experience for both your customers/clients and employees.

None of your marketing or advertising efforts will matter if you don’t tell your story well, consistently, and cohesively across communication channels. Candidly, none of these efforts will matter if your story, and what your organization promises, don’t align with what you deliver.

At Spark + Buzz your story matters. And it matters in every facet of communication, from media relations and crisis communications to employee engagement and marketing campaigns. Every touchpoint a customer or employee has with your business creates experiences that ultimately define your brand.

Branding Breakdown

Spark + Buzz believes branding is more than logos and tag lines, it is an experience—one that is defined by every touchpoint a customer or employee has with your organization. In an era of vying for customer loyalty, these interactions should be curated and coordinated to represent your brand in an honest and unique way. Developing a cohesive brand strategy becomes paramount in standing out from the pack. This cannot only be an external focus, it must be embraced by your organizational culture and shared both internally and externally. At Spark + Buzz we believe employees can be your greatest brand ambassadors, but only if you involve them and equip them to be.

We know how crucial effective communication is to the success of all business goals, for both individuals and organizations. Let us ignite an opportunity to craft the captivating communication you need and drive results. From crisis counsel and media training to public relations strategies and employee engagement, we help craft a strategic narrative and plan that bolsters business goals.

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