Courtney Malengo discusses the five things female leaders need to thrive and succeed in her interview with Thrive Global and Authority Magazine.

When asked to reflect on the five most important things female founders need to thrive and succeed today, our Founder Courtney Malengo indicated that one of those essential elements is knowing your story. When you know your story, and how to tell it well, it can differentiate you/your company in a sea of competition.

Recent studies referenced in Forbes article noted that men are more naturally inclined to self-promote, whereas women tend to downplay or shy away from discussing their accomplishments. The reality is, women cannot rely solely on others to advocate on their behalf, we must be willing to do a little self-promotion too, and part of that is knowing the value you bring to the table and the uniqueness of a story that only you can tell.

While there is no one-size-fits-all advice for female founders, read on for the numerous lessons Courtney learned in her own entrepreneurial journey with Spark + Buzz Communications.

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