Spark + Buzz Founder featured in Strategic Magazine, discusses the nuances of marketing, public relations and strategic communications.

Who reigns supreme, marketing or public relations? This age-old turf war is a topic our Founder Courtney Malengo tackled in her guest column for the summer edition of Strategic Magazine. Does marketing win out or does public relations?

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Throughout my career, I’ve held roles in journalism, marketing, branding, public relations and corporate communications, across numerous industries (healthcare, senior living, faith-based organizations, non-profits and more). Every discipline fights for budgetary resources, while vying to be a trusted member of the C-suite. Marketing and public relations (PR), along with other disciplines, often have ongoing rivalries, competing rather than collaborating. So, who reigns supreme? What if I told you the answer was neither?

Ultimately, if you don’t have strategy, [the discipline doesn’t matter], regardless of what label or title you affix to it. Think about any business initiative you want to achieve—all of it requires communication to become possible. Corporate culture? Check. Culture change? Check. Marketing campaigns that showcase your product or service? Check. Defending your company’s reputation in crisis? Check. Encouraging employees to become vaccinated? Check. Shareholder communication? Check. Company mission and vision? Check. Philanthropic appeals? Check. Without integrating creativity and strategy together, no business objective can ever be realized…”

At Spark + Buzz Communications, strategy isn’t just a buzz word, it is what must come first in any branding, marketing or public relations initiative. That’s why we believe an organization should speak with one voice, presenting a cohesive and consistent narrative, that is nuanced for the respective audiences and disciplines. That’s also why we believe strategic communications reigns supreme. Without marrying the strategy and tactics, it won’t move the needle and generate the results your business deserves. Plus, it often results in wasted time and resources. Read the full article in the Summer 2021 edition of Strategic Magazine.

If you are looking to unify your message and brand experience, both internally and externally, then it is time to take a strategic approach to communications (including your branding, marketing and public relations initiatives). Contact Spark + Buzz for a free consultation today.

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