It is not often that you are encouraged to keep your head in the clouds, but that is exactly what senior living influencers were encouraged to do at the VIP Ignite Experience Dream Again Conference that Spark + Buzz founder Courtney Malengo attended. Dream Again was hosted by Bridge The Gap Senior Living Podcast on August 28-30 at the Dream Hotel in Nashville, TN.

One of the many highlights was hearing Inky Johnson’s inspiring story and call to action, as well as meeting other passionate individuals intent on disrupting the senior living industry. While Spark + Buzz serves numerous industries, senior living has always been near and dear to our hearts. For us, that means our dream is to defy aging stereotypes in senior living marketing, while improving customer service and combining hospitality and healthcare for the best possible outcomes on behalf of our clients.

Part of the reason the industry is dear to us is because our founder spent a decade working at a not-for-profit senior living provider before launching Spark + Buzz Communications. From starting at their flagship retirement community in marketing to serving on the executive team of the corporate office, Courtney helped a regional senior living provider grow from a single-site entity to a multi-site family of brands. Spark + Buzz serves clients in both for-profit and not-for-profit senior living and healthcare, in addition to other not-for-profits, faith-based organizations, commercial and residential real estate, woman-owned businesses, and more.

Spark + Buzz Communications is a woman-owned strategic communications consultancy helping brands tell their story to inspire audiences and galvanize growth, leveraging a variety of creative and integrated branding, marketing, and public relations solutions.