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The Challenge

A newly-formed community organization seeking non-profit status needed a visual brand identity and strategic communications support to identify and clarify their message. The group is run by local business leaders focused on promoting the undiscovered gems located in the UpCounty region of Montgomery County, Maryland. From local businesses, farms and artisans, Uniquely UpCounty wants to encourage others to explore what makes the heart of Montgomery County’s Ag Reserve more than just agriculture.

The Solution

Spark + Buzz Communications was charged with creating a name and visual brand identity for the blossoming new organization. The name and logo captures the unique elements and kaleidoscope of colors that northern Montgomery County, Maryland and its Agricultural Reserve have to offer. Locals lovingly refer to this geographic area as UpCounty.

The name, Uniquely UpCounty, was chosen specifically because the people and businesses in UpCounty are unique. The definition of unique is “being the only one of its kind;unlike anything else,” according to Oxford Languages. Within the logo, the flower symbolizes growth and its shape gives a visual nod to the letter “U,” yet artfully blends a mix of vibrant colors and modern shapes overlaid together, creating one unified image. This imagery pays homage to Uniquely UpCounty’s roots within the Agricultural Reserve, as well as the special businesses, people and ideas working together for the greater good. Uniquely UpCounty aims to bring awareness and growth to the unknown gems located throughout UpCounty, from farmers and artisans to professional services and storefronts.

Spark + Buzz also created branded social headers for the organization to promote the work it’s doing.

UniquelyUpCounty Logo Specs

Logo specs

Spark + Buzz also created branded social headers for the organization to promote the work it’s doing.

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Facebook Header

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