Coach IVY

Brand Identity

UniquelyUpCounty Logo

The Challenge

Ivy launched her executive and performance coaching business and needed some help bringing her brand identity to life. Armed with some ideas of logos she dabbled with, Spark + Buzz set out to create a visual brand identity that captured Ivy’s essence to set her apart from other coaches.

The Solution

With a strategic blend of masculine and feminine features, Ivy’s logo came together to create something both simple and striking, that also allowed flexibility via two variations depending on its usage and application. The geometric line pattern was another secondary design element utilized in Ivy’s brand, creating another visual point of interest. Drawing inspiration from her interests and brand persona, Spark + Buzz curated a color palette that reflected black, white and gold as the predominant colors. The visual brand identity kit included a primary and secondary logo, business card, Spark board, social media templates, and a video backdrop.

UniquelyUpCounty Logo Specs

Spark Board

UpCounty Facebook Post

Business Card Front

UpCounty Instagram Post

Business Card Back

UpCounty Facebook Profile

Instagram Template

UpCounty Facebook Header

IG Stories Template

UpCounty Facebook Header

IG Stories Template

UpCounty Facebook Profile