About Spark + Buzz

We tell stories that are

Spark + Buzz Communications was created with the belief that communication has the power to build brands, inspire audiences and galvanize growth. Proactive and strategic communication strategies can lay the foundation for business prosperity and harmony, while building brands from the inside out.

Communication is more than just a “soft skill,” it is both an art and science, and something every leader and brand should leverage. No one is perfect at communicating, but that’s where Spark + Buzz can help refine and amplify your voice. Creative and strategic communication transforms brands, engages your employees and sparks buzz among your customers.

We are passionate about telling stories that win the hearts and minds of your key audiences. It is these stories that build the foundation to every question of “why?” Whether that question comes from your customer, or from an employee, it is these same stories that can engage and inspire. Your story matters and it matters in every facet of communication, from media relations and crisis communications to employee engagement and marketing messaging.

Branding is more than just logos and tag lines, it is an experience—one that is crafted by every touchpoint a customer or employee has with your organization. Those same touchpoints have the power to bolster your brand or quickly chip away at its integrity. That integrity is crucial to reputation and issues management, which is important to foster before a crisis hits.

We know how crucial effective communication is to the success of all business goals, for both individuals and organizations. Let us ignite an opportunity to craft the captivating communication you need and drive results. From crisis counsel and media training to public relations strategies and employee engagement, we help craft a strategic narrative and plan that bolsters business goals. Learn more about the services we offer here. 

Based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, within the Washington, D.C.-metro area, our service to clients knows no geographical bounds or industry. Spark + Buzz has specialized experience working with nonprofits, senior living, health care and faith-based organizations.

Need a spark? Let's create beautiful communication together.